Sweet Quinoa vs. Sweet Grits


Which breakfast do you think would best sweeten up your morning?

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little stuck-in-a-rut with varying my breakfasts. Normally I’ll eat toast with butter or a little bit of jam, and coffee with cream…

and then I’m on my merry way! But I’m pushing myself to try different things in the morning. For some reason, I’ve never been much for sweet things in the morning, so I thought I would force myself to try something new… and sweet!

My first idea was to cook some breakfast quinoa. Quinoa is one of those foods that I am familiar with, but am still learning how to cook with it in different ways. I’ve tried it many times with a salty or a cheesy feel to it, but I’ve seen lots of recipes online that calls for adding sugar or some kind of sweets. So, I measured out some quinoa for the morning and started to cook:


I thought that I would go simple for my first try on this, and I added pinches of brown sugar and cinnamon until it tasted to my liking. I also added a little honey to add to the flavor and texture just a bit. I really liked the outcome, and the quinoa really filled me up!

My second thought was to take something that I traditionally associated as being a salty, buttery breakfast food and try to sweeten it up. That’s where grits came to mind… I’ve only ever eaten grits with butter, or a shake of salt, and am just fine and dandy eating it just like that. But I decided to draw up the courage to try it a different way.

I know, I’m being a little dramatic about it here, but, it really took me a long time to just make it! I’m so used to my grits with a dash of salt and that’s it, that my grand idea of adding something like brown sugar to it just sounded too weird! But I finally got around to it, and the results weren’t as bad as I thought.


Basically, I cooked up a serving of grits as usual. Then, I added only two other ingredients: maple syrup, and bananas. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add a ton of sugar, and I enjoy the taste of maple, so why not use maple syrup and get some sugar into it that way? And as an added treat, I included slices of banana. I won’t lie, it looked as delicious as it tasted. However…


… if I had to choose a winner between the two? My vote would go for the quinoa. In fact, I’ll probably make it again and add some banana with that as well! Although both breakfasts were a new treat and both had great qualities, my choice of quinoa over grits was purely preference. I will, however, take the grits with butter any morning of the week.

If you’ve ever tried quinoa or grits on the sweeter side, please share by posting a comment below!


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