High protein pre- post- workout snack

As an advocate of delicious snacks, this week I decided that I wanted to make a snack that would be good for me in some way, other than to fill me up and put me into a relaxing slumber while I fall asleep in front of the couch watching a marathon of HGTV shows… so, I found a snack that would fill me up, and be helpful to me in a healthy way!


I first got this idea from watching different YouTube videos of some fitness women that I follow, who post often about what workouts they’re doing in the gym and what and how they prepare their meals. I’m really interested in doing more with make-ahead meals, but I’ll have to save that for another day once I get the idea of prepping more solid in my head… anyway, a few videos that I had watched included making rice krispie treats. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a rice krispie treat, and they’re really easy to make! But in terms of snacks, I thought that there could be more ways to add a nutritional punch to this treat. I decided to head to the grocery store and start there.

Obviously, one needs marshmallows to make this. I’m sure any kind of marshmallow would suffice, but I went with the mini marshmallows as most recipes that I read call for that kind, and I’m sure that it is much easier to melt mini marshmallows than it is to melt those big, fluffy, large marshmallows. Anyway, after buying one bag of mini marshmallows, I headed over to the cereal aisle to check out what options I had in making my treats.

The first option, of course, is to use Rice Krispie cereal, which is delicious as we all know. But what about a cereal with a high amount of protein? Cereal with lots of granola? Dried fruit? Organic? Oh my! There are SO many choices for making this treat, and I could just imagine making them all. But ultimately, I really wanted a cereal with high protein, because my goal with this snack was to be able to eat it before or after a strength training workout at the gym.

I decided on a box of Cheerios Protein cereal. It’s delicious, and contains chunks of granola in it which is a nice little crunchy surprise when eaten as regular cereal. I also decided on Cheerios because as a kid, whenever we didn’t have Rice Krispies at home, my mom would use Cheerios instead, and I always thought that it tasted great! Yes, the little ‘O’s’ mushed together with marshmallow does look a little silly at first, but it does do the trick. And the protein in this cereal? 11 grams per serving – win!


This particular recipe is simple to make. Follow your regular rice kispie treat recipe, but for the amount of cereal to put in, subtract 1-2 less cups of cereal as you normally would with rice krispies. The Cheerios Protein cereal is much thicker and will take up more space, so you won’t need as many cups of cereal. If you don’t have a rice krispie treat recipe, I’d recommend watching this youtube video from Hunnybuns Fit for her best workout food | Rice Krispie Treats.

Happy snacking!

~ Heather

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