About Me

Welcome to my life filled with candy and confections of all kinds… I grew up around candy, and learned to become a candy maker through my older sister and my dad at our family business, May’s Candy Shop, on Mackinac Island, Michigan. I slowly worked my way up from sample cutter, to salesclerk, to candy dipper, to candy making assistant, to head candy maker, to store manager, all the while learning the ins and outs of making brittles, fudges, and a large plethora of other confections.

As much as I love working with such sweet foods, I realized that I’ve only made them at work, and in large quantities… I’ve never made candy myself at home. So, why not give it a try?

My hope for this site is to share my experiences with candy making at home, whether it be with already made recipes, or recipes I create on my own. I’ll try making my own version of candies at home that I might make at work. I’ll try other sweet recipes that I can eat for any meal or snack throughout the day. And I may share stories along the way, and hope that you too will join me on this colorful journey through photos, videos, and stories that I’ll post periodically on this site.

If you’re new to my website, I’d recommend for you to stay right on the homepage, and see my most recent posts, and if you’re interested in trying recipes that I try, I recommend checking out my recipe box for all the recipes posted on my site.

I’m all ready and prepped to go… let’s start cookin’!